Ballast (Railway Installations & Constructions Engineering)

Subject of Activity
Ballast (Railway Installations & Constructions Engineering) Company as the GC is an active company in project management and implementation in the field of Railway superstructure and infrastructure , slab track construction, railway reconstructions & renovation Road infrastructure and superstructure bridge & tunnel construction , landscaping ,also this company is active in manufacturing ballast stones , sleepers, pretension slab.

Products and Services
  1. Ballast Rock
  2. Base
  3. Slab Track
  4. Travers
  1. Specific and Small Buildings
  2. Landscaping and Building
  3. Road Making
  4. Slab Track Pavement
  5. Rehabilitation and Renovation of Railroad Lines
  6. Paving the Railroad Lines
  7. Railway Infrastructure (Foundation)
  8. Improvement of Railroad Lines

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