Scope of Activities

Investment in stock, the share of partnership, investment funds and other securities with the aim of gaining profit and voting control or considerable influence in the company's Institution or investment fund operations in a way that such an entity, whether Iranian or foreign is active in the following filed of activities

1.1.  Land preparation and implementation of construction projects including residential. Commercial and administrative ranging from urban development (city building) and foundation of complexes.
1.2. Implantation of utilities and infrastructure projects.
1.3. Production of construction materials and equipment's
1.4. Import, distribution and trading of all construction materials.
1.5. Investment in securities as an investment company in compliance with the provisions related to the investment firms.
1.6. Provide financial services including brokerage services, market making, and investment adviser, portfolios and financial data processing.

Services for investees targeted in article no.1

2.1. The provision of administrative services and procurement of raw materials and machinery for the investee entities.
2.2. The provision of d design and principle engineering services to guarantees investment projects for legal investee entities
2.3. Doing research and variety of investigation services in technical, technological, scientific, commercial and economic which is tailor made to be used legal investee entities

2.4 Financing of legal investee entities from the internal sources of the company or benefiting from other available resources like bank facilities with the name of applicant or the company with or without providing collaterals or guarantees

2.5. Codification policies, strategic and managerial investee entities
2.6. Identify opportunities for investment in paragraph 1 above in order to introduce the investee entities related to article 1 mentioned above
2.7. Provide other technical/ managerial, administrative and financial for investees